Our rebrand in 2017

Rebranding Liverpool Roller Birds

Established in 2009, the Liverpool Roller Birds are Liverpool’s first roller derby team. Our growing league is currently over 80 members strong and includes two UKRDA affiliated teams, our A team and B team. We also have a C team of up and coming skaters.

In 2017 we changed our vision in line with our drive to become a team committed to improvement, to each other and to increasing the visibility of roller derby in the UK.

Our new vision

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Liverpool Roller Birds logos

Goodbye Priscilla! (left) Hello new birdies, Hope and Grace! (right)

Our new logo

Our old logo, Priscilla, has served us well, but she is no longer in the spirit of a sport that has changed and grown beyond the ‘roller girl’ imagery of the past.

Our new logo and brand values represent what we have achieved and what we will continue to achieve as a strong, smart and competitive league.

The Liver Birds are our namesake and one of the most famous landmarks in the city we call home. We will wear them proudly as we work to make a positive impact on our sport and local community by empowering people to realise their strength and athletic potential.

From Priscilla to Liverbirds