Shovemarines’ time to shine

For months, the Yellow Shovemarines have been holed up in LRB HQ working hard on new tactics, awesome moves and impressive skills in preparation for their first game of the season on September 5th, and we can guarantee you’re gonna love the new look.

This season there are no less than eight new Shoves who are raring to go, and the rest of the team are stronger than ever. With a focus on communication and teamwork, the Shoves now look like a well oiled machine, and we can’t wait to see them take on the NCVR Air Raid Sirens.


We caught up with new recruit Miss TrunchBrawl who passed her minimum skills and made the team earlier this year to find out how she’s feeling about her first public bout.

LRB: You played in your first cherry popper a few weeks ago with some of the other Shoves. How was it for you?

Miss TrunchBrawl: My legs were so shaky when we did the skate out but once the game got started it was really encouraging seeing familiar faces on track. I feel like the cherry popper has made me less scared about skating in front of a crowd and it was lovely hearing the Birds and Hatchies cheering me on in the audience.

LRB: How have you and the other Shoves been preparing for the upcoming game?

Miss TrunchBrawl: We’ve been talking a lot about our strengths and what we need to work on as a team. We had a closed scrim against Rainy City’s Bet Lynch Mob which helped us find out what our in-play strengths are and kept us focused on our goals. In training we’ve been working really hard individually as well as strengthening our performance as a team.

LRB: There are just 4 days left until the bout, how are you feeling against your first game?

Miss TrunchBrawl: I’m really excited! I know I’ll be nervous on Saturday, but right now I’m on a countdown to bout day. I can’t wait to play with my Shoves!

Shoves at The Thunderdome

Shoves at The Thunderdome


As if that wasn’t enough, the awe inspiring Team Metal Legs (who are a team made up entirely of skaters who have been seriously injured through the sport but are now back on skates) are showing that nothing can hold them down in an opener against a mixed team made up of anyone brave enough to take them on. I don’t know about you, but we’re as excited as Miss TrunchBrawl!

The first LRB Yellow Shovemarines bout of 2015 is a home game against the North Cheshire Victory Rollers Air Raid Sirens on Saturday 5th September. If you haven’t already, head over to Facebook to get your ticket and let everyone know you’re coming!

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