Spinderella – 319

Spinderella – 319

SpinnyDate joined derby?

March 2014.

Date passed mins?

January 2015.

Why that name and number?

My derby name is a nod to the tip of the top, hip of the hop, third member of Salt n Pepa, and queen of spin – DJ Spinderella! Not only are Salt and Pepa one of the first all-female hip hop groups, but as you know, they also love to push it, push it real good. My number, 319 is the number of a house I lived in for a long time near Wimbledon tennis courts!

Favourite thing about derby

I just love the whole thing! It’s so much fun. I like the challenge of learning and constantly trying to get better and then those rare moments when tricky things seem to click.

Proudest achievement

27 laps in 5 mins! They eluded me for too long and I’ve never been so elated to achieve something!

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