Tinkerhell – 49er

Tinkerhell – 49er

Date joined derby?

April 2010.

Date passed mins?

July 2010.

Why that name and number?

My name I was just thinking of characters and putting mean words in their names and just thought it up and liked it. I guess cos I am kinda short and a bit hellish, it worked for me.

A cool thing though was that there was an original Tinkerhell from Texas who I had to ask if I could have her name because she was retired and she said yes. Then I watched ‘Hell on Wheels’ and she was in it as pretty much one of the original derby players of the sport as it’s now played.

My number is homage to husband as he is American – so 49er like the San Francisco football team. It’s also quite cool because their badge is SF like my real name initials.

Favourite thing about derby?

The people – I’ve met my favourite people in the world.

What is you proudest achievement?

Apex jumping round Stef Mainey. TWICE!

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