My Cherry Popper……..A Blockwork Orange!!!

The day is almost upon me.
I can feel a buzz, kinda like electricity.
I’ve washed my pads, checked my wheels and I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention every time I think about it.
For a day I have been dreaming about since I put a pair of skates on my feet 8 months ago, is just around the corner.
The day I get to take part in my first ever live roller Derby bout, my Cherry Popper.

When I embarked on this “madness” as my husband likes to call it, I never would have dreamed that this day would actually arrive.

I’m nervous, excited, scared, happy and in a little bit of disbelief.
But it is going to happen, and in just five days time, I will be skating round a track, in my official Liverpool Roller Birds uniform, hoping to hit some other lovely ladies.

I remember my first practice all those months ago, I kind of shuffled my way on to the track and watched as a lot of the other new girls whizzed past me with such speed and grace.
Watching them, I honestly though that would never be me.
But with a whole lot of help from the awesome coaches, a lot of sweat, and if I’m honest, a few tears, at Christmas last year I passed my minimum skills.
I have had my ups and downs, I’ve fallen over, I’ve gotten back up, I’ve had some colourful, almost artistic bruises. Made some fabulous friends and improved my health and fitness by miles.
And now I’m finally ready, I’ve reached a mile stone, and even if I do say so myself, I’m very proud of what I have achieved.

So am I your typical roller derby girl???
That’s the beauty of it.
There is no typical type at all.
Roller derby is the most inclusive environment I have ever come across.
No matter who you are, what you look like, what your quirks are, you will be treated like an equal and accepted just for being you.

So who am I?
My roller derby name is Scary Jane Watson.
My number is NCC-1701-D

Yes, I’m that sad that I took the number of the enterprise from Star Trek the Next Generation
( yes, I’m a sci-fi geek, sorry!)
I have a small, (cough cough) obsession with comic books mainly Spiderman, and so, I could not think of a more fitting name to go with my fiery red locks than that of Spideys all time romantic love interest Mary Jane Watson.

This is me.


I’m 32.
I have 6 adorable children ( yes, we own a tv, I have two sets of twins thank you!) who are as mad about roller skating and spiderman as I am.

I bake cupcakes, dream of becoming a Disney princess and I love sewing and crafts.
I have been known to play computer games until I have had actual blisters on my fingers and because I’m not ashamed of who I am……..I’ll tell you what else I like…….JIGSAW puzzles!!!

I mainly play as a blocker, but I do like to have a sneaky jam now and again.
I am highly competitive and can give a decent little hit.
Although I have a pretty hard exterior, I am known for being a bit of a softy.

So that’s me, and my roller derby adventure so far, hopefully its just the beginning and I’ll be able to continue doing something I truly love for a long time to come.

Please show your support, come and watch me in my very first bout, shout some loveliness in my direction and maybe make this day even more magical.

Oh and don’t be fooled by the name, I’m not really scary at all <3

Liverpool Roller birds take on Lincolnshire Bombers
A and B team double header.
Doors open at 1pm.
Last months bout was totally sold out!!!!!
Avoid disappointment get your tickets now HERE!!!!!
A fun family day out, bring the kids, under 16’s free.
Merchandise stalls, cakes, raffles and lots more!!!!
Join us afterwards to carry on the party at The Brookhouse Public house.

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2 Responses

  1. ROOD runner says:

    Scary Jane! Looking forward to helping you pop that cute little derby cherry on Saturday. Meep Meep! x

  2. Karen Dunphy says:

    Best of luck Scary Jane Watson. I’m with the Waterford Viqueens and a bunch of us from different teams in Ireland have a cherry popper bout in Belfast the same day!! I’m bench coach for the first time for the Faberge Jewels playing against Nuclear Fusion at Bloctopussy 🙂 We’ll be thinking of you as we all pop our bouting cherries! Derby ♥, Spinal Blocker

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