Skate of the Dead – A Double Win!

We’re still coming down from the high of our last bout of the season.  Bout recovery always takes us a few days, because bouts are the best, don’tcha know! Still, this one took us an extra long time to get over our bout hangover, because it was an amazing day, and for the first time since we can remember we did a DOUBLE WIN.  That’s right, Liverpool Roller Birds B-Team, the Chicks, won their bout.  Then, the A-Team (Birds) went on to handily win their match as well.  It was an amazing day, beyond our wildest imaginings, and we are really happy and thankful we got to spend it with two other amazing teams, our opponents!

But wait, I get ahead of myself.  Let’s backtrack to the beginning of the day.  LRB Chicks were skating against some of their favorite bashy opponents, The Sheffield Steel Rollergirls B-Team, The Crucibelles.  This bout was fantastic to watch, as the score was close nearly the entire match, with Sheffield always managing to keep just ahead of the Chicks.  In the last ten minutes of the bout, there was some amazing jamming by the Chicks’ own Kitty Von Vixen, who was protected by impenetrable V-walls. Then, a monumental power jam by Wiki Speedia brought the Chicks the win in the end.  This was seriously edge of your seat bouting, people, and if you didn’t get to witness it yourselves, you should feel very sad.  Well, we would! A supremely talented fan and photographer, Ian Woodward, caught some fantastic shots of the B-team bout.  Check ’em out!

Final score:



Those are some happy Chicks!

Then the LRB A-Team took the track against Plymouth City Roller Girls.  This was predicted to be a tough match, and the Birds definitely had to fight for those points! Some of our favorite Birds were just on fire for this match and it showed in the score.  PCRG found themselves stuck behind the Birds’ super tight walls, and the Birds’ sneaky jammers kept slipping through.  The hits were hard on both sides, and the toughness of each team was showing.  Photographer and fan Paul Delooze got some amazing shots of this match, which you can find here.   The resulting madness was this:


You can imagine the shouts of joy and mayhem running through that hall, can’t you?

As both our teams did better than expected, both also moved up in rankings, four ranks each.

B Team rankings
A Team rankings

We couldn’t be more pleased to have ended the season on a high note, and can’t wait to share what’s in store for us next season!

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