2013: The year of charity partnership with The WhiteChapel Centre.

One of the best things about being involved in the Liverpool Roller Birds is our commitment to community.  We choose a charity every year, and then network with associates at that charity to help them fulfill their goals and requirements for the community that THEY serve.  2013’s charity partner was The White Chapel Centre, dedicated to supporting the homeless and hungry throughout Liverpool.


Every month, we would have a drive that would benefit White Chapel.  Many of the birds helped by collecting toiletries and white goods; food and clothing and bedding.  We had one fledgling bird who was able to collect five black bin bags worth of brand new, good quality leather shoes for The White Chapel Centre! Some birds would drive the donations in to The White Chapel Centre so that they could be distributed.  We partnered with The White Chapel Centre to do collection drives, rolling around on skates with buckets which kind passersby would drop extra coins into.  Especially as winter approached and the need for warm, dry, comfortable places was greater, the birds really stepped up to the plate and gave of their time and attention to help those who need the most help.

The White Chapel Centre has been a fabulous charity partner for us, as well.  Not only did they work with us on each and every drive, but they came to support the Birds at home bouts (and, dare we say it, becoming fans of roller derby along the way).

We are a little bit soggy eyed at the relationship we’ve built with this fantastic partner, and we think it might be mutual:

“We’re really grateful to Liverpool Roller Birds for choosing The Whitechapel Centre as their charity. As well as raising money, the Roller Birds have supported us in lots of different ways, helping at bucket collections, donating clothing and toiletries, volunteering their time and skills. We had a great time attending the home bouts, spreading the word about our work, and it has introduced our staff and supporters to the wonderful world of roller derby.”

Ruth McCaughley
Fundraising Manager
The Whitechapel Centre

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