Gearing up for Bout Season with new headshots!

We’ve got so much going on right now: Our fresh meat batch (Hatchlings, don’t you know?) are cruising through their minimum skills tests.  The Birds, Chicks, and post mins skaters are gearing up for team tryout placements in a few weeks.  And our PR committee has been working like crazy to try to get everything planned and managed for the year, including  – NEW HEADSHOTS! That’s right, brand spanking new pictures of all your favourite skaters, referees, and NSOs were taken.  Calls went out to likely and amenable photographers, and luckily one of the Chicks was able to convince a talented friend to come take our photographs.  We will have sparkly new headshots in all of our bout programs for this year, and are working on a “Get to know the team” section for our website which will make good use of these pictures as well.

The lovely Grace Bones posing for her headshot.

The lovely Grace Bones posing for her headshot.

No one much likes having their pictures taken.  But when it’s done this kindly and professionally, it’s much less painful.  Many thanks to our photographer and to all the patient teammates who put up with their images being preserved for posterity.  We were able to get out our frustrations on track afterwards, which is always FUN!

We're not sure if Thud Muffin is a Referee or a CHiPs star!

We’re not sure if Thud Muffin is a Referee or a CHiPs star!

Be sure to say tuned here, we have more blog posts coming to keep you up to date on what’s happening with us, and also some perspectives and advice featuring a slew of derby knowledge.  Skate hard, hit harder!

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