Liverpool B team v Wirral and Liverpool A team v London Batter C Power!

It always seems to take us a good few days to come down from the high of a home double-header: shake off the hours of sleep we lost to the after party, stretch the battered and bruised muscles, focus the brain on something other than roller derby (never an easy transition!).  We promised our fans a weekend filled with roller derby excitement, and we definitely delivered on that promise!

The first bout of the day saw the Liverpool Roller Birds (B) go up against Wirral Whipiteres Savage Lilies (A).  This was predicted to be a tough battle against our closest neighbours/frenemies and it didn’t disappoint!  Serious derby action took place, with big hits, big blocks and sneaky jamming.  The Whips are an incredible team and their training and skills showed on Saturday, leaving them with a decisive win at the end.

Fan Favorite: Staple Gunner from the Wirral Whipiteres.

Fan favourite: Staple Gunner from Wirral Whipiteres.


Effective use of Teammates can contain the opposing team's jammer!

Effective use of team mates can contain the opposing team’s jammer!

Just because we're about to hit each other doesn't mean it can't be fun!

Just because we’re about to hit each other doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!


Love across the Mersey.

Love across the Mersey.


Final Score:  WWRD 263, LRB B 76



Liverpool Roller Birds (A) were filled with nervous excitement at the chance to play against London Roller Girls Batter C Power.  It’s always exciting to have a London team in the house and testing our mettle against them may be the highlight of this season. Even watching the warm up, with their well-coached and well-drilled skills on display was exciting; but we also realised our team’s skill and determination was up to the task! One of the most frequently heard comments at the after party was that the bout between Liverpool A and London C was one of the most exciting bouts to be watched or played in, depending on the speaker, and describing the mood in the hall that afternoon might be a task beyond us!

London pulled out the win, but with only a 17-point differential, the Birds certainly made them work for it!


Crowd favorite Lady MacDeath

Crowd favourite Lady MacDeath


A bit of offense by Metal Alchemist.

A bit of offense by Metal Alchemist.


Containing the Jammer

Containing the jammer


Derby Love!

Derby Love!


Final Score:  LRG 146, LRB A team 129


We want to thank both teams for the amazing day and the derby lessons we’ve learned.  Can’t wait for mutual battering to come!



All photos courtesy of Joe Ehlen Photography

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