British Championships

This month we’re getting really excited as we plan our first home game of the season. This is a big one for us as it’s the first British Championships game we’ve hosted. See the blog post about our game against the Halifax Bruising Banditas and wonder what the British Champs were all about? Well you’re in the right place to find out.

The British Roller Derby Championships is the biggest roller derby interleague tournament in the whole of Europe and our A-Team, Sisters of Mersey, are taking part. This year there are 72 teams from all over the UK taking part and they’ve been split into four tiers according to ranking. Throughout the year, there are double header bout days at everyone’s home venues, which is why you haven’t seen us on track at Greenbank just yet!

Back in 2012, the British Champs started out as a much smaller roller derby tournament with just 6 teams taking part. Over the next couple of years, the tournament doubled and doubled again, with 24 teams taking part in what was known as the 2014 Heartland Series. 2015 is the first year the tournament has been known as the British Champs and we are thrilled to be a part of UK derby history!

Interleague Coordinator Bobby Mean told me that last summer we got a message from the British Champs asking us if we’d like to participate and of course we said yes! She told me ‘We’re super excited to be involved in the first British Champs. It’s an amazing opportunity for us to play against some brilliant teams and stretch and challenge us. So far we’ve loved being part of the Champs and we’re really looking forward to the rest of our games.’

Atomic Hittin’, Sisters of Mersey’s coach, agreed with Bobby about what a fantastic challenge this season would be. She said ‘I think the British Champs is giving us a great opportunity to play against great teams we have not had the chance to play before like Sheffield Steel Roller Girls and Furness Firecrackers. We do not always get to play teams of a similar ranking so this will definitely push us to work harder and achieve more this season.’

Liverpool Roller Birds are part of T3 Regional North which means we’ll play each of the other 5 teams in our division once during the season with the aim of moving up a tier. Our first home bout is 9th May and we’ll take on Dundee Roller Girls after Halifax Bruising Banditas go up against Furness Firecrackers. Tickets went on sale today so head over to our Facebook and make sure you don’t miss out!

Psst…if you can’t wait until May, don’t forget LRB are taking on the Furness Firecrackers at The Thunderdome on April 26th – and it’s free!

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