Atomic Hittin’ – 36

Atomic Hittin’ – 36


Date joined derby?

June 2010.

Date passed mins?

September 2010.

Why that name and number?

I thought you had to have a roller derby name so went with a Liverpool theme. I liked the Blondie song Atomic so thought of that first then passed a few ideas back and forth with my coach Mallory before coming up with Atomic Hittin’, after the girl group Atomic Kitten. My team mate, Metal, thought for a long time it was about atom splitting! I skated with Shaolynn Scarlett once and she knew what it meant as she LOVES them apparently – so I have no shame! L36 is the postcode for Huyton where I grew up.

Favourite thing about derby

Camaraderie, team work and the constant challenge that the game poses physically and mentally. It’s addictive.

Proudest achievement

Blocking with Shaolynn Scarlett during Team England Sur5al. She is inspirational.

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